Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8


The Housing Choice Voucher program allows eligible persons to rent privately owned, existing, safe and sanitary housing by making housing assistance payments to private landlords.


Scotts Bluff Housing Authority administers Housing Choice Voucher Program. Eligible households will receive a voucher that allows them to lease a home or apartment with rental assistance that is paid directly to the landlord. Tenants cannot pay more than 40% of their adjusted household income toward rent.


Scotts Bluff Housing Authority and the Federal guidelines policies determine the size of a unit a family may rent and the maximum level of financial assistance based on bedroom size. Scotts Bluff Housing Authority will inspect the rental units to ensure that they meet federal housing quality standards.

Families must first apply for the assistance. If the families meet the eligibility requirements for assistance, they are placed on a waiting list and when the family reaches the top of the list they are scheduled to come in for a briefing. Scotts Bluff Housing Authority will verify their income and perform a criminal background check. If they are still eligible for assistance, at this time Scotts Bluff Housing Authority will issue the family a Housing Choice Voucher. The family is then given 60 days look for a rental unit once they find a unit, are found to be income qualified and the unit passes the Housing Quality Standard, the family will receive a subsidy.


The Housing Choice Voucher program covers and has jurisdiction in the Counties of: Scotts Bluff and Cheyenne:  Towns of Bayard, Bridgeport and Kimball.


If you are a landlord and would like to learn more about participating in this program, contact the Housing Authority at 632-0473.

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